Crazy Bugs

А PvP, Multiplayer runner for iOs, Android


Game Overview

The gaming world is a cartoon insects’ world where everything is spinning around the races. The player is an amateur, who wants to take advantage over his competitors and become the coolest racer ever. He is involved to the game as one of the 5 given insects and is able to choose 3 worlds with 3 different tracks. Each character can use different types of weapon (missiles, bombs, rocket storm) to kill the rivals and destroy the barriers on his way. Dodge dynamic and static obstacles in your path, watch your health and finish first! The quicker the player finishes the race the bigger is his reward.

Racing the track takes no more than 3-5 minute of the playing time.

There are 2 options for the routes:

  • circular route (players race several circulars)
  • linear route (players race a route from point A to point B)

Genre: PvP, Multiplayer runner
Platforms: iOs, Android
User Suggested Age: 5+
Pricing Model: Freemium with offerwalls
Number of players: 2 – 5 (online multiplayer)

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